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Bryant & Stratton College together with ExamFX have combined to bring you the most effective training solutions to help you become a licensed financial services professional. Our belief is that individual learning best occurs when training is delivered in a format that is best suited to an individual’s learning style

E–Learning has emerged as valuable educational approach for aspiring professionals. Our presentation engine, ExamFX, combines rich multimedia instruction, interactive exercises, always-on reference tools and powerful self assessments to help insure that learning outcomes are met. Our state-of-the-art courses employ the latest web technologies to provide a dynamic learning environment that helps you to pass the state licensing exam.

E-Learning is not for everyone. Some prefer a direct hands-on approach with experienced instructors... qualified facilitators who can help by delivering a rewarding in-class experience discussing the critical expectations of the insurance industry.

And still there are others, who are best suited to a blended learning experience, utilizing the best that the classroom and online platforms have to offer.

Which approach is best for you? Click here to take a simple online assessment.

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